High school is a time to have fun without the responsibilities that comes with being an adult in the real world. Eventually you'll be graduating from high school and start your adult life; either by going to college or getting a job at a flower shop right out of school. Whatever you decide to do it's going to be the start of your new life.

If you do decide that the route you want to take is going to college so you can study and learn what it takes to one day be a lawyer or a psychologist for example. Going to college or university sets you up for the real world but it doesn't come cheap. Unless, you had a job in high school that found you leaving your home to go to work on a regular basis rather than hanging out with your friends and saved up a lot of money you're going to have to find a way to pay for your post-secondary education.

We already mentioned that college and university tuition doesn't come cheap so you're going to have to find ways that will help you pay for some or all of your tuition and other costs associated with college or university such as textbooks and rent or residency costs. You can get a job at a stable and work while going to school but that might be too much of a burden on you and interfere with your studies. When going to college or university you're going to want to focus on school and nothing else so getting a job might be out of the question.

Other options you have are to apply for student bursaries, grants and scholarships that will pay a part or all of your tuition. Depending on your grades you can apply for grants, bursaries or scholarships that will give you a free ride to study. Check out what your college or university offers you or search to see what local businesses are offering you to go to school.

If you can't get a scholarship and don't want to get a job teaching yoga or flipping burgers, you can always apply for a line of credit or student loan. Don't apply for more than you can handle and make sure that you find a job as soon as you graduate so you can start paying off your loan or line of credit.

How might you get a scholarship in Canada?

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