If you're currently enrolled in college or university and are still struggling with the decision of choosing a career once you graduate you're not alone. There are many others just like you who have no idea what it is they want to do with their life once they graduate from college or university. There is something you can do that can help you with your decision and that's interning.

An internship is basically another term for on-the-job training, kind of like an apprenticeship but for college and university students. You choose to be an intern at a company because you might want to work in those industries. Interning at a place you might want to work at one day will give you the chance to see what a career in that field will be like and whether or not you want to actually work there once you've graduated.

In addition to gaining work experience and helping you make a decision on whether or not you want a career in the field, student internships also provide interns a chance to make contacts and get school credit. There is no better way of learning the ropes that will prepare you for a career as well as allowing you to gain experience that will come in handy in the future.

You might want to look into seeing which companies in fields you are interested in working in once you graduate from college or university that offer internships. Most are unpaid and only provide school credit but there are some that do pay. Another reason to become an intern is that many companies tend to hire interns once their internship is over and they have graduated. Interns are quite valuable to brokers or bakers because they have already had on-the-job training and are ready to start right away.

So if you do end up interning at a catering company and learn all about what it takes to work in the catering industry and like it you might just find yourself a career that you want. Then you'll have to decide on which catering services Toronto company you want to work for and, if you ask us, that's a good problem to have once you graduate.

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