When you meet someone new one of the first things they are likely to want to know about you is what you do for a living. Because no matter if you're currently designing software or working as a telemarketer, this says a lot about what type of a person you are. If you believe this statement to be true then you might also believe that there is one perfect career out there for you. While some people discover what that is right away, others need a little bit of extra help finding the right fit. One way that you might be able to do that is by taking a career placement test.

There are several different levels of career placement tests out there that a person could try to put them on the right path. The first is a simple test that will ask you a series of questions to determine your likes and interests. This sort of test can take anywhere between five and thirty minutes and will more be able to tell you if you might want to look into the arts or sciences for a career rather then be as specific as to say that you should consider. You can even find some of these online for free.

A more detailed test will measure your interests and preferences more closely and try to match them with specific industries and jobs. This might be a test that you are offered by your guidance counselor while you're still in high school or looking for some direction in university. This could point you towards your perfect career but does not include any section related to your actual skills and experience. They closest that you might get is a section that looks like an aptitude test.

If you're really confused as to whether you should be a CPA (much like Charn Hansra, Mississauga accountant) or a fighter pilot with the air force (more here) you might want to make an appointment with a professional career counselor. They will give you a series of tests that can pinpoint the best job for your skills, training, and interests. The best thing about taking this path is that they might come up with some possibilities that you didn't even know were out there when it comes to careers. They could even set you up with a recruitment firm for an internship or point you towards the right training to get you where you eventually want to go. The more detailed the career placement test the more likely it is to point you towards that job that is going to make you happy for years to come.

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