When you get out of high school, it's all about finding your next level of education that will get you trained for the job that you're looking for. You might want a short program that will teach you how to fix air conditioning systems or to go through all of the schooling that it would take to become a doctor or a lawyer. But you might find that once you get into school that finding what you really want to do could become more confusing. Here are some people and resources that could help you find career guidance.

If you're considering one career over another than the people who are best to ask for advice are those that are currently working in that field. Those that are considering working with plumbing might want to consider setting up an apprenticeship with a company working in their area. If you're instead thinking about working at an advertising firm, for example, you could ask your alumni office if they will help you get in touch with someone who graduate from the same school and has become successful.

Whether you're interested in working in large hotels as an events planner or as a physiotherapist, one of the best things that a school is able to give you is the connections to the working world. Make sure that you're taking full advantage of these opportunities. Let you favorite professors know what sort of career you're thinking of following and see if they have any suggestions of people you might want to talk to or additional courses that you should take. You also might want to visit your school's career services office to see if they have anything to offer.

When you're looking for the ideal career, you should remember that there is nothing that's impossible for you. Some people have the dream of owning their own business while others want to turn their hobby into a career. No matter what you're thinking of doing, make sure that you completely explore if it's possible before you move onto something else. You should also not be afraid to try a few different things before choosing a career. If you're in the marketing field, you might want to try working on web site designs or creative advertising. You can see the professional work they can achieve on a business website.

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