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Graduation day is something that many students get more and more excited and nervous about as it starts to approach. You are usually proud of yourself for all of the work that you have accomplished at school over the years and worried about how you are going to turn that into a successful career of working as an nurse or a journalist that travels the world. This is a time when likely most of the things in your life are going to change quite quickly as you find your way in the world and it is definitely normal to feel a little overwhelmed. But there are things that you can do to get you started on the right track.

Whether you see yourself as someone who is going to own your own business selling or you're someone who wants to work on Wall Street, there are certainly steps that you're going to need to take before you will be able to reach your final career goals. You should start by setting up a map for yourself of some of the different ways that you can get where you want to be in a reasonable amount of time. You should try to be flexible with this plan and have a few different options. While there might be a perfect internship out there or more school to attend, you should realize that you might have to keep working as a trainer or in a shop for a few years while you're working your way towards the things that you really want.

Recognize what you need right now opposed to what you are going to want and need a few years down the road. Some people graduate from school and think that they need to dive into the world of being a responsible adult with a full-time respectable job right away. But, after four or more years of slaving away at school you might want to take a little bit of time before you start building your plan to afford one of the townhouses on the market to settle down. If you need a break to figure out what you want for yourself then you should take some time to do that. Just make sure you can still pay all of your bills at the end of the month and aren't spending too long back in your parent's house.

Understand what you really got out of school in terms of skills and your goals. You might have went away to school four years ago without knowing much about who you wanted to be and what you were good at. Now you should have a clearer picture of these things than that person who just wanted to buy movie posters to decorate their first room away from home all of those years ago. Make a list of all of the marketable skills that you have and the reasons why people should want to hire you. This will help you in finding the right career, cover letters, and interviews.

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